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After an arrest or notification that you or a loved one is under criminal investigation in Washington, there is no time to lose. You have rights, and one of them is to have the representation of an attorney. However, choosing a trustworthy advocate to represent you may seem an impossible mission. With many options out there, focus on hiring someone with proven trial experience and deep knowledge of the local regulations.

At Bennett Law Firm, Steve Bennett has the skills to represent you before law enforcement and prosecutors in Kitsap County. In fact, he is well known among local judges and prosecutors. No case is the same, and not all legal strategies will help you get the results you need. Steve Bennett knows this and will draw from his experience to build the solid defense you deserve to defend you against the criminal charges you face. When you work with him, you will put more than three decades of experience to work in your favor.

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A Reputation Of Zealously Fighting For Clients

A criminal accusation could lead to lost opportunities. For example, a convicted individual may encounter significant obstacles to finding a new job, obtaining bank loans or enrolling in any educational institution. Therefore, having a skilled legal representative to negotiate and defend your rights has never been so important.

When Steve Bennett becomes your advocate, he will discuss with you the potential legal strategies to address your legal situation. Whether it is through aggressive negotiation or representation before the courts, he will strive to get results that genuinely help you move forward.

Steve Bennett is ready to represent you in cases including:

Fight back with a committed and experienced ally. You have rights and a future to defend. Learn more about what to expect and your options.

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