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Skilled Legal Representation For Hearings Before The Department Of Licensing

If you are coping with a potential suspension of your driving license, you have an option to request a hearing at the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). Learning what you can expect and having knowledgeable legal counsel to help you build your arguments and make a notable difference in the results you may obtain.

At Bennett Law Firm, you have a reliable and experienced ally in Kitsap County. Perhaps you are unsure whether you should hire a lawyer to help you request and prepare for a hearing. If so, consider what is at stake. Steve Bennett has protected the rights and privileges of his clients since 1986. He has helped them navigate through complex DUI/DWI arrests and other types of traffic violations.

The Difference An Attorney Can Make In Your Case

According to the DOL, your legal rights include having an attorney for your hearing. A skilled legal advocate can help you learn what to expect from the process and how to address every aspect of a hearing to overcome the challenges ahead.

Some of the aspects to consider include:

  • The hearing takes place via a telephone call.
  • The filing of a hearing request can not be more than seven days after the day of the arrest.
  • A $375 fee applies, but some individuals may be candidates for receiving financial assistance.
  • Whether you are expected to file a “habitual traffic offender” or a “DUI hearing.” request, you need to include your attorney’s name if you choose to have one. Therefore, you should consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

A hearing is an opportunity to make your case or to protect your driving privilege. Steve Bennett can help you:

  • Review the circumstances that led to your arrest and analyze whether law enforcement followed the due process expected during such a procedure.
  • Explain the potential scenarios of your case based on the facts and evidence, like the police report issued due to your arrest.
  • Assist you in requesting the presence and testimony of the police officer who arrested you.
  • Develop a case to prove that your arrest was unlawful, when applicable.
  • Appeal an unfavorable decision.

You need to be aware that a DOL hearing is a separate process from the criminal procedure an individual may be undergoing. Although the process may seem intimidating, having a seasoned attorney navigate the legal system can help you understand and fight for fair results in all issues related to traffic infractions and more.

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