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Receiving a traffic ticket could be a confusing experience. Perhaps you think you are innocent, and doing nothing about it or not paying the ticket will solve the problem. However, this is partially true. If you pay the traffic ticket, you admit you were guilty of the traffic violation law enforcement claimed you committed. Still, you have to prove your innocence, make your case and have your traffic ticket dismissed when possible.

Although it could seem that hiring an attorney is expensive, the medium to long-term consequences of a traffic ticket can be hard to cope with. One of the most notorious consequences includes having your license suspended by the Department of Licensing (DOL) and facing criminal charges. Therefore, knowing your rights and what a lawyer can do in your case is vital, and Steve Bennet is ready to assist you through every step of the traffic violations process at Bennett Law Firm.

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For over three decades, Steve Bennett has been representing and counseling clients through complex traffic violations, including speeding tickets and criminal traffic offenses such as DUI/DWI charges. Drawing from his experience, and after learning all about your situation, he will discuss if your ticket can be dismissed or not. He can also help you:

  • Represent you before the relevant court and advocate for your best interests
  • Develop a case to prove that you were not guilty of the traffic violation mentioned in your citation
  • Comply with the relevant deadlines and correctly fill out the appropriate paperwork to avoid delays in your process
  • When required, request a hearing before the Washington State DOL and help you prepare for the procedure

Whether you received a ticket due to a minor infraction like speeding or a serious traffic violation, you have a right to be heard. A single entry on your record could severely affect your auto insurance premium, lead to high dollar fines or a potential conviction that could ruin your future.

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